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Showcase evidence crm – Avaya Contact Center: The video from the presentation is now available

Last week I had time to edit the screen recordings from the first showcase I did.

The video is available here:



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Showcase (Part 2): evidence crm – Avaya Contact Center

Yesterday we repeated the showcase for the Avaya Sales and Presales in the meeting room from CASSARiUS service delivery in Zuerich.

Please see on this earlier post for more information: http://blog.thekieners.com/2009/02/09/showcase-evidence-crm-avaya-contact-center/


Here are some impressions.

My presentation desk


The whole equipment (Avaya Contact Center at the wall)


UPDATE: See the video from the presentation here: http://blog.thekieners.com/2009/04/27/showcase-evidence-crm-avaya-contact-center-the-video-from-presentation-is-now-available/

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Showcase: evidence crm – Avaya Contact Center

During the last three months we prepared a prototype with our evidence crm application and the Avaya Contact Center telephony system. We have prepared this prototype together with CASSARiUS a company in the same building as we are. The main target of this prototype is to demonstrate the possibilities we have with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and the know how in this area of both companies.

CASSARiUS provides the Avaya Contact Center and Glaux Soft the evidence crm application.

Here are the main topics of this presentation:

  • Outbound campaigns from evidence crm
  • Workflows attached to the call (in crm)
  • Inbound call assistance in evidence crm
  • Last Agent call routing
  • Skill based call routing with data from evidence crm
  • IVR – Interactive Voice response
  • The agent desktop from tomorrow

The prototype is now ready and yesterday we did a showcase for the sales, presales and project manager from CASSARiUS and Glaux Soft.

Here are some impressions.

My desktop: A six-core system! 2x dual core, 2x single core. Cool 🙂


Our showcase equipment: two projectors to show two agent desktops, one big flat panel for the PowerPoint slides and a lot of servers, notebooks and telephones…


During the presentation



I did a screen recording from the four presentation notebooks. I will cut these videos together and post it here as soon as I have time to do it.

UPDATE: The video is now available. See this post: http://blog.thekieners.com/2009/04/27/showcase-evidence-crm-avaya-contact-center-the-video-from-presentation-is-now-available/

 Thanks to all who worked on this prototype to made this possible.

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