Touch enabled runtime for Windows Slates Apps




Before Microsoft is changing the game next week at BUILD conference in Anaheim, I want to post one of our current developments. Driven by a project need, we have built a real touch enabled windows slate runtime.

The runtime includes:

  • touch enabled date picker
  • touch enabled Combobox with popover selector
  • touch enabled Checkbox with popover selector
  • A virtual touch keyboard which is fully integrated into the runtime in order that the textbox can be correct positioned. So the keyboard will never hide the textbox target. The keyboard provides full input scope for numbers, text and special signs (inspired by the Windows Phone 7 keyboard).
  • A navigation service to move from one to other screens.
  • Metro UI style (not yet finished). We believe Windows 8 will push Metro much more. On the other side, we experienced a much better rendering performance on slates which haven’t that much of CPU and GPU power as on a standard desktop. This allows us to use the runtime on lower equipped hardware too.
  • touch enabled Textbox with select, copy, paste and delete functionality.
  • touch enabled multiline, long-text control which morphs to a larger editor while in edit mode.
  • touch enabled list box which allows for very smooth touch scrolling, including a bounce effect if it reaches the end.
  • Full Screen app style, without windows border and chrome.
  • Message box service
  • And much more….


Deep knowledge in Windows Phone 7 programming allowed us to get the most possible out of WPF in which we have built the runtime, so that the controls and application feels like a real world touch application like other known platforms. We’ve had enough of words. The best way to show our first release is a short video.



Btw. This video was recorded by a Windows Phone 7! Not that bad for a phone.


What’s coming next?

  • Thumbstoning the View State, in order that the user can exit the app at any time and restart it at the position he has left the app (Similar as we know form the Windows Phone).
  • Improving Metro style
  • Adding more controls
  • See what is coming with the Windows 8 announcement next week….
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2 thoughts on “Touch enabled runtime for Windows Slates Apps

  1. tmarignier says:


    I found your article when looking for touch enabled solutions with WPF.
    I’m very interested in testing your controls because i found it pretty awesome.
    Is your controls public or private ? Can you allow me to use it ?



    • beatkiener says:

      Thank you for your feedback, but unfortunately the controls are private. I can’t give you the source and the controls as binary will be not enough I think.

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